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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of granite?

Granite is excavated from mountains and therefore no two pieces are the same in pattern or colour. They are similar in colour but there is no control on the product as it is a natural material. We advise that you pick your own slab from us. Once you've had granite you'll never go back to anything else!

How long does the process take on average?

Once your order is confirmed, you are happy with the quote and your deposit has been received, it takes approximately 5-7 working days from templating. Please check with us at time of templating as we are governed by European Suppliers of quality products.

What is the difference between wet and dry polish?

Dry polish is cheaper and can be done from anywhere - even the back of a van!
It doesn't achieve the same level of shine and a compound polish is applied but this will wear off over a short period of time then becoming dull.

Wet polish is done on our premises by skilled stonemasons with special machinery using various grades of pads from coarse to fine to achieve a mirror finish which will last forever.

Where should I have joints in my stone?

Slab sizes of raw product come in lengths of around 3m x 1.7m (unlike Quartz which is 3m x 1.4m). We recommend you take our advice on where the joints should be - we carefully consider lighting aspects, weakness points etc. This will be discussed with you during the templating stage of your project.

What's the difference between granite and quartz?

Granite is a lot more hard-wearing than quartz, you can safely cut and place hot saucepans onto a granite surface.
Quartz is said to be able to take up to 200 degrees, but we advise caution whilst using a quartz work-surface.
Quartz is a resin based product and therefore very uniform in colour and appearance.

How do I polish my granite surfaces?

We are always asked what the best product to use for cleaning purposes is, so we have formulated our own specialist product. This can be purchased from £8 a can, 2 for £15 or 3 for £20. Polish your granite worktops to make them look as new and shiny. A product with beeswax or glass product is advised as these are non smearing.

Can you do plumbing or boilers?

We're specialist stonemasons and not jacks of all trades.
We are not plumbers - we can't plumb your sink!
We are not gas safety engineers so can't fit your fires or ovens.
We are stonemasons and can fit anything granite, marble, stone, slate or quartz!

Do you work with trade customers?

We make both for the trade and direct for the customer - cutting out the middle man! Our Southend Showroom makes us accessible, you can come and see our product and see the team in action!!